How do I know my size?

If you're unsure of your nail size or if this is your first time ordering press on nails, it would be best to use our LUX Nail Sizing Kit to ensure correct sizing.

You can also try one of these two methods:

  • With a measuring tape, hold it horizontally across the widest part of your nail and get measurements in millimeters
  • Apply clear tape to each nail bed, mark both edges of nail, peel off tape, and measure against a ruler in millimeters

*LUX Nail Lounge is not responsible for inaccurately recorded sizes*

0- 17mm, 1- 16mm, 2- 15mm, 3- 14mm, 4- 13mm, 5- 12mm, 6- 11mm, 7- 10mm, 8- 9mm, 9- 8mm

Always make sure to double check if your sizing matches any of the pre-set sizes, if not, please be sure to select custom sizing and input your custom sizes.

Pre-set Sizing: Extra Small (3,6,5,7,9) / Small (2,5,4,6,9) / Medium (1,5,4,6,8) / Large (0,4,3,5,7)

Why Choose LUX?

All LUX Press on Nails come with your customized set, double set of adhesive stick-ons, nail glue, nail file, alcohol pads, and cuticle pusher. With LUX Press on Nails you're able to switch it up as much as you want and as frequently as you want, while also lasting 7-14 days or longer depending on proper prep and care. Also keep in mind that the adhesive stick-ons provide shorter wear time in comparison to the nail glue. If this is your first time here, please make sure you refer to our nail sizing chart or you can even purchase a LUX nail sizing kit to ensure proper sizing. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please reach out and we'll do everything we can to keep a smile on that beautiful face.

How It All Started

Have you experienced those times where you were in a hurry for an event and wish you had your nails done? Well we're here for you! I'm also the type who wants to change my nail color/design every other day, so if you're like me, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to your nails. One of the fun things about LUX Press on Nails is that they're meant to be reusable, so you can mix and match multiple sets and keep changing your nails as often as you want! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and feedback.